Everything looks better in COLOR!


I’ve always had more of a passion for color than I do for cutting. I enjoy cutting, don’t get me wrong.The way a perfect cut can transform someone’s face shape never ceases to amaze me. But the transformation you get from a pop of color on the perfect plane of the head… The way highlights graze the cheek bone, and accentuate them. Or how darkness at the temples draw our eyes in to the top of the face. Or the way you can soften a jaw line with just a little bit of light reflection… Oh I LOVE COLOR! And when I get to perform a service such as the one pictured above on Karina, that is what really gets my wheels turning! In this specific look, we used Pravana colors in Magenta, Violet and Blue. I Started at the nape, and melted the colors together as I made my way around the head. I kept it darker around her face because her skin was pale with a hint of pink, and if I would have placed the Magenta next to her face, it really would have washed her out. Instead, by placing the blue and purple around her face, it complimented her cool skin tone, and really brought our her green eyes! Here are some other angles of this look, and one other look Karina has had:


All in all, creative color is where it’s at and you will see me posting A LOT of it!

If you have any questions, comments, concerned or suggestions, please feel free to post a comment in my comment box, or if you are not a word press member, shoot me an e-mail at Ashley.Whiddon@Gmail.com

I’d love some feedback, and would like to know what YOU would like to see!

Until the next time!! 



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